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No, Cadbury is not removing the word 'Easter' from their Easter eggs

Guess what? The internet is wrong again

No, Cadbury is not removing the word 'Easter' from their Easter eggs

No amount of free chocolate in the world can ease the pain of Cadbury’s social media manager, who is currently fending off about forty thousand angry tweets from incoherent people falsely claiming that the brand have halal certified their chocolate.

Many Cadbury fans are apparently concerned that the brand has removed the word “Easter” from their Easter egg boxes due to what your drunk uncle would refer to as “political correctness gone mad”. In fact, many mad, drunk uncles online are now claiming that such a move would also destroy the “Christian element of Easter”. Because what says a respect and reverence for the life of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ more than some heavily discounted chocolate eggs you bought in Asda?

The story came from a Facebook post picturing a Cadbury employee in Malaysia, where the chocolate is halal certified after a claim there was pig DNA in the product (which there wasn’t, by the way).

This predictably whipped people into a fake news frenzy, and over the course of the day many declared they would be boycotting the brand.

Anyway: it’s not happening, lads. It is obviously not happening. The word “Easter”, which makes up literally half of the phrase “Easter egg”, is not being removed from the phrase “Easter egg”.

And as for whether the chocolate is Halal? “None of our UK products are Halal Certified, and we have never made any changes to our chocolate to specifically make them halal,” the Cadbury’s account tweeted for the eight millionth time yesterday. “They are just suitable for those following a halal diet in the same way that standard foods such as bread or water are.”

But hey, who’d let literal facts get in the way of being racist on the internet, eh?