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The best winter bomber jackets on the market

These really are the bomb

The best winter bomber jackets on the market

The bomber jacket was, again, the shape of the summer. And it’ll probably be the shape of next summer too, that’s how popular the collarless layer has become over these past couple of years.

But when it gets to colder months, things get tricky. It’s hard to commute to work without catching frostbite and losing a nipple, because more often than not the bomber jacket comes as a light layer.

Which is why we’ve rounded up the best in men’s winter bomber jackets, from padded, to textured, to partywear styles, and even lighter ones to put under bigger jackets, so you can keep your favourite shape and both your nips.

Tan suede bomber

So nice to touch you’ll find yourself sensually caressing it in public, only to be met with strange gazes from passers by and a word from the police.

ASOS, £100

Fernwood khaki bomber

This padded version of the staple khaki colour will provide extra warmth for those colder months.

Pretty Green, £145

Knitted bomber

No, it’s not a cardigan, it’s a knitted bomber. Educate yourselves, fools.

Gant, £78

Quilted bomber

This designer bomber is reminiscent of Ryan Gosling’s jacket in Drive, but without the scorpion, so you won’t look like a completely obsessed weirdo.

Dries Van Noten, £259

Longline smart bomber

The streetwear adopted jacket gets a seriously smart update with a longer length fit and rich wool texture.

Topman, £95

Ginger peached jersey bomber

“Nice orange bomber,” someone will say. “It’s actually ginger peach,” you’ll reply, as you sassily roll your eyes at the very concept that you’d wear such a simple colour.

Burton, £24

Lifetaker embroidered bomber

Following on from the Far East trend of souvenir jackets, embroidery is now a massive look for this season, giving bombers a little more personality.

Drop Dead, £100

Neoprene bomber

Astrid Andersen is Danish, so she could probably make a bin bag cool, but this bomber is legitimately slick, and is made with extra comfortable neoprene (that futuristic material that wet suits are made from).

Matches, £355

Fleece collar bomber

If you’re constantly losing scarves in a drunken haze, have a permanent piece of warmth on your jacket at all times. However, if you’re in the habit of losing your layers, we can’t help you there. Maybe don’t get so leathered.

Zara, £79.99

Paisley bomber

‘Tis the season to dress fancy, but if you’re not into spending loads of money on a decadent blazer, go smart casual instead with a retro paisley bomber.

River Island, £70

Velvet floral bomber

Velvet is the key fabric of every Christmas party, everyone knows that. But it’s sometimes difficult to wear it when you’re not vomiting in the corner of your office Christmas party. That’s where this floral style comes in, bringing the lavishness of velvet without the cheesy Hugh Hefner smoking jacket connotations.

Scotch & Soda, £239.95

Leather bomber

Some men are scared of leather jackets, thinking they’ll look more YMCA than Sons of Anarchy, but a collarless bomber shape is a fresh update on the classic look that isn’t just reserved for bikers.

All Saints, £358