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Brilliant bottle watch

Brilliant bottle watch

Brilliant bottle watch

Ten green bottles, hanging on a wall. Ten green bottles, hanging on a wall. And if one green bottle should accidentally fall, that would make it five minutes past twelve.

This gorgeous timepiece is Industrial Facility's Bottle Watch - an analogue wrist watch with a concave glass cover based on the ridged bottom of a humble glass bottle.

Sixty nodes stand proud around the circumference of the bezel, denoting the minutes in a pleasingly tactile fashion. Available in wine bottle green, beer bottle brown, water bottle blue or spirit bottle grey, the watch hands and face gain a shimmering hue as light passes through the coloured glass. We think Industrial Facility missed a trick in not crafting the back casing out of a bottle top.

Available from de zeen watchstore for £100, this is the only time we'll ever recommend you watch time pass through the bottom of an empty bottle.

(Images: de zeen watchstore)