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Brexiteers are furious as it turns out Britain’s new blue passports are going to be made… in Europe

Are we all living in a surreal Brexit nightmare?

Brexiteers are furious as it turns out Britain’s new blue passports are going to be made… in Europe
22 March 2018

As the UK continues to careen wildly towards the Brexit cliff-edge, things seem to be getting more bizarre - and potentially more dangerous - day by day.

First, there were serious questions raised about how Britain would be able to deal with major international incidents like the Sergei Skripal poisoning once we’ve cut formal ties with our allies in the EU.

And then just yesterday we had the truly bizarre sight of Brexit campaigners including Nigel Farage organising a fish protest on the Thames – and it turned into a hilarious disaster.

Now, in a twist of irony so outrageous that it’s almost laughable, it turns out Britain’s ‘iconic’ new post-Brexit blue passports are going to be made in Europe.

According to The Sun and The Telegraph, British firm De La Rue was poised to lose its current passport manufacturing deal to Gemalto, a firm with headquarters in Amsterdam and a listing on the Paris stock exchange.

The new contract is said to be worth £490 million and will start in 2019.

Blue passports are supposedly a crucial part of British identity – even though many of us have never even seen one. In fact, back in February Theresa May told the House of Commons: “It is right that from autumn 2019 we will issue new blue and gold passports, which have always been the UK’s colours of choice for our passports. It is absolutely right that after we leave the European Union, we return to, not that the EU wants.”

But with this latest decision, Brexiteers are completely furious – and everyone else is just utterly bemused.

Pro-Leave ex-Cabinet minister Priti Patel called the decision “a disgraceful decision” and “perverse” while Sir Bill Cash, chair of the influential European Scrutiny Committee, said the move was “completely wrong and unnecessary”.

Can someone just wake me up when this whole Brexit nightmare is over? Thanks!

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