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17 things that are more iconically British than a blue passport

This is what actually makes our country great

17 things that are more iconically British than a blue passport
22 December 2017

So, with Brexit on the horizon, it seems we’re getting our blue British passports back.

That’s good news isn’t it?

Look, everyone’s telling me it’s great news, especially The Sun.

Apparently, according to Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis: “One of the most iconic things about being British is having a blue passport.”

Now, having given this a little thought, I think I’d like to inform Brandon - may I call you Brandon? OK, great - that this is an absolute load of total bollocks.

I mean, it is isn’t it?

I’ve never had one. Never even seen one. Never even given the slightest thought to what colour my passport is, or the colour of anyone else’s. What colour is a US passport - apparently now our closest ally and a place I have visited quite a few times? I honestly couldn’t tell you. No idea.

So, sorry Brandon, the colour of a passport has absolutely bugger all to do with what makes a country great.

No, I rather think that Tyron Wilson has got it rather more nailed than you.

These are all correct. And here are 17 more.

1. “I can’t believe you’ve done this”

2. This classic Countdown moment

3. This beermat

4. Iain from Great British Bake Off presenting Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with a bin which he had thrown his ruined baked alaska into

5. Every single second of Elizabeth on The Apprentice

6. #puddlewatch

7. A Sports Direct mug


9. “Put your hands on the car and get ready to die”


11. Mascots observing minutes’ silences

12. Chris & Kem on Love Island

13. Jemini getting nil points on Eurovision

14. Rylan on ‘The X Factor’

15. Olly Murs falling down the stairs during a gig

16. Olly Murs becoming a terrorism expert

17. This tube slide and quote

(Image: Rex)