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Brewery launches ‘Pub in a Box’ for all us who can’t get to our local

Self-isolating? No problem.

Brewery launches ‘Pub in a Box’ for all us who can’t get to our local
17 March 2020

Thanks to Coronavirus, us Brits are being denied one of our favourite pastimes - a pint down the pub.

Luckily for us, one Brewery has come up with a cunning way to put us out of our misery. They’ve curated the perfect pub experience and put it in a box (genius).

Signature Brew’s aptly named ‘Pub in a Box’ includes everything you’d expect from a drinking establishment from award-winning beers to beer mats.

For the price of £25, you get eight music-inspired beers, beer nuts, pretzel pieces, two stem glasses and beer mats.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also Spotify playlists curated by music journalists to accompany each beer and a music-themed pub quiz to pass the time whilst you’re quarantined with your family.

To give you a taste of the beers on offer, the selection includes a citrusy Roadie All-Night IPA, the Studio Lager and the Nightliner Coffee Porter.

Added bonus; all the beers are suitable for vegans and you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting a small business when we’re all struggling to get out and about in person.

The boxes are available throughout the UK, but if you live locally, your box will be hand-delivered by musicians who have been left out of pocket after their tours cancelled thanks to the virus.