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Breakfast from around the world

Breakfast from around the world

Breakfast from around the world
29 September 2013

We know, breakfast should be more than a coffee and a cigarette. But it's hard to kick such a convenient habit when you live above a coffee shop with a well stocked cigarette vending machine.

What we need to change our ways is a nice big infographic, full of guilt-inducing breakfast facts - an encouraging, eye opening 30-second read that improves our lives. Well say hello to ChefWorks' Breakfast From Around The World infogra... well, it's more of a list really. From breakfast stats to continental differences, it offers far more than the average sugary bowl of fluff.

We've been inspired to track down some Turkish Tarhana and Argentinian Yerba Mate... but will inevitably find they taste funny and just go back to Cornflakes on toast.


(Images: ChefWorks)