Boy tries to play iPhone prank on dad & it hilariously backfires


Oh it's so easy to laugh at the older generation as they attempt to grapple with the ever-changing technology of the present day: never knowing quite how to operate 'the interwebs', or peering down at a phone from behind reading glasses exclaiming, "well, how am I supposed to understand how this bloody thing works" in a manner befitting Victor Meldrew at his most negative.

But sometimes you underestimate them at your peril, as one son found out when he tried to prank his dad using the classic 'replace a common phrase with another NSFW phrase' iPhone text replacement technique.

Despite thinking he was poised to make a fool of his old man, sadly for him, he was about to be quite considerably schooled by his dad.

While the following texts have a definite ring of being made up, we really, really hope this actually happened.



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