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Lads jokingly ask Premier League player for a kickabout & he turns up

"Guys I've got a ringer for the match, I think he might be quite useful"

Lads jokingly ask Premier League player for a kickabout & he turns up
24 May 2017

I wanna go kick some ball tonight.

We’ve all said it, haven’t we? We’ve all sat there, daydreaming about diving headers, 30-yard thunderbastards and needlessly arrogant rabonas, and thought to ourselves, often out loud, “I wanna go kick some ball tonight.”

What follows is usually frantically scrambling through your phonebook trying to get the numbers for a five, six or (if you’re a particularly popular chap) seven-aside game. The same text pops up on each of their glowing smartphone screens: ‘I wanna go kick some ball tonight’. No more needs to be said. 7pm. Bring bibs. Preferably never washed. Bring a fiver. Make it a note, yeah? Oh you forgot again. Dickhead.

Anyway, because this is a familiar situation to us all, you’ll sympathise with Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings, who after the Premier League campaign’s conclusion at the weekend tweeted this. 

Shortly after he received an invite from Cherries fan Alex Deutsch, and the pair started making arrangements on time and place. 

True to his word, 24-year-old Mings grabbed his kit and even brought Yeovil Town defender Omar Sowunmi along with him. Behold, the power of social media. 

“I slotted right in! Thanks lads,” wrote Mings afterwards 

So, if you find yourself short of bodies for a game this summer, it’s worth checking in with your local Premier League team’s players. Don’t be shy now.

(Image: Tyrone Mings/Twitter)