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Bosch’s new baby eStroller tech makes e-bikes look like child’s play

It’ll even charge your phone

Bosch’s new baby eStroller tech makes e-bikes look like child’s play
Holly Pyne
02 September 2019

Bosch has unveiled a new ‘eStroller’ system that should make trips out with your little one just that little bit easier. No more runaway buggies.

This new system will automatically study the road surface to help you push the stroller, apply the brake when going downhill and bring it to a stop if you lose control. According to Bosch, thanks to this technology not even 60kph winds will move a stroller. As with an e-bike, the motors will help propel the stroller up the hill, taking the strain off mum or dad. And, as with any tech these days, you can even connect your buggy with your phone via an app, or use the USB port to charge your phone.

Bosch’s new baby eStroller tech makes e-bikes look like child’s play

Use the app to check your battery level, or even set an alarm to stop anyone stealing the stroller. The system uses a 18-volt lithium-ion battery - like those used in the company’s power tools - so you can even borrow the battery from your drill if you’re heading out.

Though long-distance treks aren’t on the cards quite yet as the battery only has a 9-mile range. Bosch’s chairman of Mobility Solutions Dr. Stefan Hartung described the eStroller system as the same “rigorous” tech used in the automotive sector. “Bosch wants its mobility solutions to offer help even before a child can walk, bringing intelligent mobility to all areas of life,” he said. “The e-stroller system incorporates know-how from across the company. We’ve applied the same rigorous technology and quality standards here as we do in the automotive sector, including wind tunnel tests.” The company won’t be selling it themselves though as they intend to partner up with baby carrier manufacturers to make the tech a reality. Swedish firm Emmaljunga will be the first, with a stroller due to be out in 2020. Emmaljunga already revealed it was working with Bosch, back in September 2018 - but it’s good to see how the tech will actually work.