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‘Black Mirror’ set designers have turned a part of London into an '80s nostalgia dream

Anyone remember FADS?

‘Black Mirror’ set designers have turned a part of London into an '80s nostalgia dream
25 April 2018

Black Mirror is one of those rare shows, like Seinfeld, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Blackadder, that’s only getting better over time as more seasons are made. And as filming gets underway for the highly-anticipated fifth season of Charlie Brooker’s award-winning Netflix show, set designers have taken over a part of outer London and transformed it into an ‘80s nostalgia dream. 

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Chuck Thomas spotted the incredible sets in Croydon and posted a few snaps on Twitter. He said: “Netflix are filming Black Mirror in Croydon! They’re building 1980s replicas of WH Smith, Wimpy, Pizza Hut and FADS. Who wants some Opal Fruits?”

Tim Longhurst said: “This showed up in St George’s Walk Croydon today. It’s not an archive pic. It’s kitted out with 70s and 80s music, books etc. Retro shop or film set?”

And Nick Walker added: “Can confirm for @WHS_Carpet that there does seem to be a grubby carpet, but who knows if that will be part of the plot.”

The Croydon Advertiser confirmed that the Netflix show is filming in Croydon on St George’s Walk on Wednesday (April 25) and Friday (April 27).

A letter, with film production company Ealing Studios at the heading, had been sent out to residents and business owners to explain filming for Black Mirror would be taking place in the town centre.

It reads: “I am writing to inform you about filming in your area for the well-known Netflix drama series, Black Mirror. If you are unfamiliar with Black Mirror, it is a series of sharp, suspenseful, satirical standalone dramas written by Charlie Brooker. It is hugely popular with its audience and strives to use beautiful locations within all the films.”

‘Beautiful location’ might be a bit of a stretch but we’re nevertheless very excited about the next season of Black Mirror

(Image: Netflix / Black Mirror)