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Billionaire buys island for hunting

The man who literally has everything

Billionaire buys island for hunting
15 November 2011

If you're a billionaire, what do you do when you've bought all the cars, homes, slaves and vintage arcade machines that you need?

Well first you buy some more and then you set your sights a little bigger. Take Huang Yimin who recently became the first Chinese man to own an entire island (called Danmemshan, pictured above). Not content with having his own piece of paradise, Yimin has decided to turn it into a hunting reserve.

Hunting has became a strange new craze in China and Yimin has already been working hard on making his new island a tourist attraction. He's spent $5 million (£3.1 million) to stock the place with rifles, wild boar, pheasants and deer.

Customers will pay for the experience and then have the joy of bringing home whatever animal they've killed to enjoy for dinner.

Over the past few years, 200 hunting clubs have sprung up around China. It's all been approved by the government as 14 species of animals can be legally hunted in the country.

Yimin hasn't revealed any plans to hunt poor people on his island yet. Yet.

(Image: Google Earth)

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