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Bill & Ted 3 is definitely happening and will be set in the UK


Bill & Ted 3 is definitely happening and will be set in the UK
19 April 2016

Break out the air guitar, point it to the sky and strum it in raucous celebration - the Wyld Stallyns are back and they’re heading to the UK.

According to The Sun, not only is the third instalment of Bill &Ted close to a start date for filming but it will also have “a huge British feel”, as San Dimas’s gnarliest knuckleheads "time-travel through London to meet historical figures".

Reuniting Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as Theodore S Logan and Bill S Preston Esq, the pair will bump into everyone from “Winston Churchill” to “the Queen” – but then who’s to say which one? – in their first cinematic outing since 1991’s Bogus Journey.

Written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, who penned the first two films, Winter has already confirmed there’s a director, a studio backing the project and, naturally, Keanu: “How the f*ck would we make it if he wasn’t on board? People always ask if Keanu’s doing it and I’m like, 'No, I’m making a Bill movie'. Of course he’s in it. I can’t make a Bill and Ted movie without Keanu.”

Sadly, there won’t be a role for the late George Carlin, who played all round dude and mentor-from-the-future Rufus, but we have a good feeling that there will be some sort of tip of the hat to the great man.

For now, our only question is whether they’re going to trade in one of those dusty Californian phone boxes for a shiny red one. Though we imagine the chaps will have to spend a bit of time de-gunking the receiver and removing a few X-rated cards first.