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Big NOW TV changes revealed: welcome to NOW

NOW that's what we call a rebrand.

Big NOW TV changes revealed: welcome to NOW
Marc Chacksfield
16 March 2021

NOW TV has been one of the big streaming successes of recent years, offering users premium Sky TV content without a contract.

Switching to a subscription model was a shrewd move and was done when Netflix was beginning to grow in stature, as was Prime Video. And now with Disney Plus revealing it has 100 million paying subscribers, the future of how people consume movies and shows is pretty clear.

It's with that, then, that Sky has decided to refresh its streaming service rebranding NOW TV to simply NOW and offering a number of new enhancements to its packages.

NOW TV is no more, big changes revealed

Instead of buying a NOW TV pass, you'll now be snapping up a NOW Membership. You can get these for Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Kids and hayu and they start at £3.99 a month.

There's a new Boost option to this membership, starting at £3 a month. Purchase this and you can stream across three devices at the same time as well as full 1080p HD and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

“NOW has always been the home of quality entertainment and our new brand evolution ensures that, even in a hectic world, no one misses out on the entertainment they love," says Marina Storti, Managing Director at NOW about the changes.

"By moving from NOW TV to NOW, we marry our world-class quality with brilliant simplicity. This immediacy creates a true destination and community for those who love and live for the best entertainment."

Here's our guide to the best NOW TV shows and the best movies on NOW, on the platform right now - expect to see the changes from 19 March.