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Big Lebowski Pinball Machine Unveiled

Big Lebowski Pinball Machine Unveiled

Big Lebowski Pinball Machine Unveiled
01 October 2014

Well this is just about the coolest thing that we've ever seen. A Big Lebowski pinball machine is soon to become a playable reality.

Dutch Pinball have been developing a Big Lebowski pinball machine for the past few years, and finally unveiled a prototype of their glorious creation at the appropriately-named Grand Cafe Lebowski in Utrecht last weekend.

The authorities on these things, Pinball News, were invited along and managed to grab some impressive shots of the machine, which features a moveable rug barrier, two pop bumpers modelled on Julianne Moore's brassiere, a built-in White Russian and a bowling sub-game, as well as a host of other references from the much-loved movie.

It's available to preorder for $8,500 (£5253) and should ship next year; maybe we should kidnap someone and demand a ransom to fund it.

Take a look at a selection of images below, as well as two videos, and head over to Pinball News for even more analysis, or the game's website for more information.

(Images: Pinball News)