These are the most right-swiped jobs on dating apps

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Gary Ogden
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No joy on dating apps? It could be your profession holding you back…

I bet you think your job is horny, don’t you? Sitting there in your grey suit, hunched over a keyboard, slamming row upon row of nonsense into a spreadsheet - if only my crush could see me, they would think I was so… sexy.

But no, actually, your job is not sexy, it is boring and nobody wants to hear about it. Unless, that is, you have one of the most right-swiped jobs for men on dating app Badoo - in that case, you better batten down the hatches because you’re about to welcome a horde of rabid singletons rushing your house any minute. Lucky you.

So what are they? Well, they’re listed below, along with a few tips for the perfect profile picture - beginning with the most-swiped:







Looks like it’s time for a career change, mate!

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Gary Ogden

Gary Ogden

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