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Beavertown is offering beer for blood

Seems like a good deal

Beavertown is offering beer for blood
22 May 2019

No matter how little cash you’ve got in your wallet, you do have one very valuable commodity about your person. About ten pints of it, in fact.

The NHS says the country needs 400 new blood donors every day to keep up with our demand for the red stuff, and while that sounds like an intimidating bar to clear, one company hopes a little incentive will help plug that gap. Beavertown brewery is offering one of its best craft beers to the first 500 people who agree to give blood at the company’s Tottenham taproom on Saturday May 25.

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To be clear, the promo image above is misleading. You’re not actually giving blood at the brewery – you’re not supposed to drink on the same day you donate – you’re just signalling your intent to do so. Anybody who does will get a free 2/3rd measure of the company’s Bloody Ell’ Blood Orange IPA.

So yes, you are giving away a pint and only getting two thirds back, but what you’re getting in return looks far more drinkable, unless you happen to possess vampiric tendencies. Beavertown says that the ‘remastered’ drink “packs more blood oranges than ever before” giving it a “heady, zesty juice hit.”

Sam Millard, Beavertown brand manager hopes that the brewery can “smash that 400 target” for the day. “Giving blood is something all of us would like to get behind, from our staff, friends and family and our customers whose lives have been saved by blood donations,” he added.

On top of the free beer, you’ll usually get a free biscuit and cuppa to top rehydrate and top up your sugar levels after giving blood too. Oh, and the satisfaction at helping to save lives too, of course.

So if you’re in London on Saturday, do consider getting down to the Beavertown taproom from 2pm. Full directions here.