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These four new BBC nature documentaries are sure to have us all hooked

Love 'Blue Planet'? Love Attenborough? We have great news

These four new BBC nature documentaries are sure to have us all hooked
11 January 2018

Blue Planet II was undoubtedly one of the best shows of 2017. In fact, it became the most-viewed UK TV programme of the whole year - only two broadcasts attracted more viewers in the last five years: the 2014 World Cup final and the 2016 Great British Bake Off final, won by Candice Brown.

Across seven incredible episodes, we were introduced to the nightmare-inducing bobbit worm, we marvelled at the astounding intelligence of a crafty octopus and raged over the plastic duck ‘fakery’ row.

And now, to build on the success of national treasure Sir David Attenborough’s show, the BBC have announced a belting list of new nature shows to air later this year, according to the Guardian.

First up, you can head over to iPlayer now and dive into Professor Brian Cox’s new programme People of Science, where he’ll be looking at history’s most significant scientists. And in one episode, Attenborough and Cox will discuss the legacy of Charles Darwin.

Science legend/keyboard player Cox said of the programme: “It’s been a fascinating experience to work with fellows of the Royal Society to tell these stories. 

“For me, and I hope for the audience, these films deliver a rare insight into the people behind some of the world’s greatest scientific discoveries. Some are household names, some less well known, but all have changed our lives.”

Science legend Brian Cox’s new programme is called People of Science

Another exciting nature show coming up is Dynasty - a new high-profile wildlife series for the BBC with episodes following a group of lions, African hunting dogs, chimpanzees, tigers and emperor penguins as they try to build a family.

It’s been rumoured that Attenborough will narrate this show but this hasn’t yet been confirmed by the broadcaster.

Next up is the show Drowning in Plastic, which will air on BBC One and explore the damage that plastic is inflicting on the environment. It will be a 90-minute documentary fronted by scientist and wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin. The massive issue of plastic pollution was a central theme in Blue Planet II and this show will delve into this problem further. 

Finally, The Truth About What You Wear presented by Stacey Dooley will look at the impact of the clothing industry on things like rainforest deforestation, water contamination and pollution, as well as the threats to endangered species such as orangutans and jaguars.

Dooley, while threatening to hold big clothing brands to account in her documentary, said: “It’s hugely important that we all become aware of the damage being caused and to show consumers that we have the power to make positive change.”

Personally, I’m fully on board with all these shows. 

(Images: Rex / BBC)