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BBC get Redknapp jury verdict wrong

Sorry, 'Arry

BBC get Redknapp jury verdict wrong

The BBC has dropped the ball a little after a reporting blunder in which they said the jury in the Harry Redknapp trial had found the Tottenham Hotspur FC gaffer GUILTY of tax evasion.

But the Southwark Crown Court jury had in fact found him NOT GUILTY of both counts after a 13-day trial in which he was accused of evading around £80,000 of tax.

Redknapp left court a free man but not until the corporation had spilled duff details on their News24 channel.

The BBC apologised for the “confusion” as the reporter said: “ I am sorry I am going to correct this because we have confusion here and that makes much more sense. They have been cleared of all charges. We have got some wrong information that has come through here." The Telegraph report him as saying.

“A clarification, they have been found not guilty of all charges. I was getting very confused when I was speaking then. It was unlikely that they could be found not guilty of the first charge and guilty of the second charge."

He added: “That is now confirmed, they have been found not guilty of all charges.”

Image: BBC but via Telegraph

Story Via: Telegraph


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