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It looks like 'Avengers 4' will have a very confusing time jump

What's going on?

It looks like 'Avengers 4' will have a very confusing time jump
09 October 2018

If you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War (which you have, right? You absolutely have), then you’ll want to know exactly what happened immediately after the end of it. It concludes on the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers, and not knowing what happens next has been a thorn in the side of many ever since they saw it.

Basically - SPOILER ALERT - Thanos snaps his fingers at the end and half the universe dies. He’s a right old idiot, is Thanos. Like, even some of our fave heroes like Spider-Man are murdered - it’s all very upsetting. So the need to know how the Avengers are gonna get out of this and bring everyone back to life is extremely urgent.

Thing is, we might not find out anything at all about the immediate aftermath, because according to new reports, this is what’s happening:

FIVE WHOLE YEARS? That’s ages! Loads of stuff can happen in that time, and they’re just gonna skip it? What a liberty!

Essentially, what we’ll be getting is a very different view of the MCU - so we’ll have characters who are five years older, still trying to figure out how to reverse the Snap. The time-jump might also explain the different look of the Avengers, which we’ve glimpsed through leaked concept art:

Is that Hulk wearing some sort of weird space suit? Maybe the team have been flitting about the universe trying to find new ways to sort it all out and collecting weapons and powers along the way. Whatever they glean from the cosmos, the fact remains that the solution will have to be time-travel, of course - seeing as, well, everyone has already died. It’s gotta involve Doctor Strange in some way, hasn’t it? The time-travelling beard-boy that he is.

Either way, and whoever it involves, it’s happening a bastard five years after the last one (not in real life, of course - it’s out May next year), and that is very confusing and frustrating indeed.

But hey, not to worry, it’ll all work itself out in the end, won’t it? PLEASE TELL US IT WILL.

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(Image: Marvel/Disney)