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At Last: a Tinder For Bacon Lovers

At Last: a Tinder For Bacon Lovers

At Last: a Tinder For Bacon Lovers
17 September 2015

It is not possible to love something more than bacon. But if you could find someone that loved bacon as much as you, then perhaps you would love them almost as much?

That's the theory behind this fantastic new app, called Sizzl, which aims to pair people who have a mutual love of the glorious rasher.

Created by meat brand Oscar Meyer, who also invented the bacon alarm clock, it operates by connecting to your Facebook account and asking you bacon-themed questions in order to match you with nearby users. Do you like your meat crispy, chewy, or burnt? Forget life ambition and whether you want to have a family - this is the stuff that can make or break a relationship.

You can then 'like' someone by pressing and holding the 'like' button - a longer press means a higher interest. Although, frankly, anyone on this site is worthy of your attention, given that they clearly take their bacon eating seriously. If they like you back, then you can chat and arrange a date.

Bacon lovers can download the app here: let us know when the wedding is so we can come along with a hat made of bacon. Or something.

(Image: Shutterstock)