Armed US guards (with immunity) could soon be patrolling UK airports because that's a great idea. Right.


Well this is a carry on...

Under proposals being outlined by politicians in London and Washington, US armed guards could soon be patrolling UK airports including Heathrow and Manchester.

Because if there's one thing that'll allay the fears of travellers at UK airports, it's more guns.

Along with powers to search passengers and carry out immigration checks, these machine gun-toting security sorts will also have diplomatic immunity, meaning they couldn’t even be tried for crimes on British soil, if it ever came to that.

The measures are allegedly being drafted to reduce the risk of Deash terrorists flying Stateside, despite the UK also being at war with the terror group. Or are we just a layover to these miscreants now?

Whatever the answer, we’re pretty sure it’s not squadrons of heavily armed guards. Have these lawmakers not seen Die Hard 2?

That's a film we could all learn from this Christmas.

[Via: The Daily Mail]