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Apple wants to introduce five new emoji

A bunch of new professions will come to your emoji keyboard in the near future

Apple wants to introduce five new emoji

There's an umbrella emoji. A ghost emoji. Numerous glittering star emoji. The poop emoji is such an icon of the times you can buy it as a chuffing pillow.

Yet Apple's thirst for pictorial communications abounds, with news coming from the masters of emoji - Unicode - that the tech giant has requested for five new emoji to enter the lexicon.

Here's the low down on the emoji extension...

Apple wants five new professions

The latest batch of new emoji is set to arrive with the Emoji 4.0 update - a set of new code that will account for new pictures including new flags, more gendered options and professional emoji.

Following an initial suggestion from Google, Apple has requested the following five professions: 

  • artist
  • firefighter
  • pilot
  • astronaut
  • judge

But these aren't really 'new' emoji

Apple's purpose behind these emoji is to simplify the process of adding multiple emoji for one expression: at present, if you want to depict a female artist you have to add an emoji of a woman, followed by the paint pallet.

Apple thinks it would be much easier to just have some additional professions added to the list. It uses something called the 'Emoji ZWJ Sequence', which you can find out more about with this video from the Emojipedia.  

There are 16 professions coming with Emoji 4.0