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Here's how to watch the big Apple event later today

Stream it live from Cupertino

Here's how to watch the big Apple event later today
12 September 2018

Tonight sees Apple, the world’s most profitable company, announce the details of their new iPhones. 

Journalists attending the top-secret event in Cupertino, California received these mysterious invitations, leading to speculation as to what the circle could mean. Are they getting rid of the Home button? Is everything coming out in rose gold?

We’ll all find out tonight. Apple’s annual iPhone event starts at 10am Pacific time today, which is 6pm UK time. They are expected to unveil three new iPhones – the unnamed “iPhone 9”, the iPhone XS and the giant iPhone XS Max – as well as a new Apple Watch, an update on iOS 12’s release, and possibly more.

Those of you not in California have a few options to watch along live. 

On Apple’s site: Apple are livestreaming the event, but to get the best experience, you’d better be watching on their stuff. The experience has been optimised for watching within Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later, with no guarantees if using Chrome or Firefox. Watching it on a PC or an Android phone because you’re considering making the switch to Apple? Watch it at someone else’s house.

On Apple TV: Download the Apple Events app from the App Store for Apple TV to stream the event live.

On Twitter: So here’s an odd one. Apple’s Twitter use is deeply, deeply strange, but if you Like this tweet below, they’ll send you updates. 

Strange way of using Twitter, but whatever, they’re Apple, they can sort of do what they like.

And remember, when it seems like it’s over, it might not be over – Apple love the old “Oh, and there’s one more thing…” trick, and if there’s anything completely surprising being announced, it’ll be right at the end.

(Pics: Pixabay)