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The new, enormous, expensive iPhone is confirmed and has a name

It's Apple's biggest phone yet and will cost a LOT

The new, enormous, expensive iPhone is confirmed and has a name
09 September 2018

Everything Apple does is subject to endless speculation, even though when you really think about it, there’s a limit to how surprising any new phone is going to be. Odds are it’ll be a bit like the last one but slightly nicer and with one or two gimmicky things that seem essential for about a fortnight (hey, those animated-in-real-time animals never really caught on, did they?) then you never use again.

Apple have three new phones on the way, which we’ve covered pretty extensively elsewhere: the relatively cheap, as-yet-unnamed “iPhone 9”, the iPhone XS (as in, the S verison if the iPhone X) and a bigger model – size seems to be the big takeaway this year, with the biggest, priciest handset in iPhone history coming along, with a whopping 6.5-inch screen.

According to Forbes, that phone now has a name: the iPhone XS Max.

They have got rid of the “plus” thing they used to do in favour of the slightly more Burger King-esque “Max” branding for their super-sized model, which is fair enough – Max has that all-too-cool letter X in it and gets the extreme largeness of it across (it is a full quarter of an inch larger than the already giant iPhone 8 Plus). 

There’s a super-sized price coming along with it as well though – the iPhone XS Max is likely to cost €1149 in Europe, which is, well, loads. Drop that on day two and you’ll feel appalling. 

When is that day though? That’s all up in the air. It was supposed to be this month, but there are rumours it’s been pushed back to November. We’ll find out properly (along with a showcase of whatever the inevitable gimmicky thing is) on September 12th at Apple’s big announcement event.

Our prediction: Snake. Please be snake. Original, no Snake 2 nonsense. Pure, unadulterated Snake.

(Pic: Pixabay)