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Apple could soon let you trade in your old broken iPhone

Someone wants your old gadget

Apple could soon let you trade in your old broken iPhone

Despite having more cracks than Donald Trump's political policies and a home button that last worked when Chelsea were title contenders, Apple might actually want your battered old iPhone.

The Apple enthusiasts at 9to5Mac have word that the notoriously stingy group is set to roll out a new upgrade programme that will allow customers to trade in their old iPhones, no matter how battered or broken their screens or buttons are.

In addition to taking your abused gadgets, retail stores will also offer a service to install screen protectors on all iPhone models - a service that has just been launched in Japan

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Under Apple's current trade-in scheme, iPhones can only be exchanged for credit toward a new model if they are good working order. The new scheme will allow iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus units with damaged displays, cameras, and buttons to be accepted for credit (within reason).

9to5Mac's sources suggest that customers can expect around $50 (£35) for a 5s, $200 (£138) for a 6, and $250 (£172) for a 6 Plus. 

And no, they won't give you anything for that poor iPhone 5 you keep dropping in the loo. Let the poor thing die.