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Another photo leaks of Apple's new iPhone

They're struggling to keep a lid on this one...

Another photo leaks of Apple's new iPhone

First there were rumours. Then there was a video.

Now we have yet another confirmation that Apple's next iPhone release will be for a 4-inch model, thanks to this photo spanned by One More Thing

The Netherlands-based blog claims to have come by an image (taken in Vietnam) that shows an old iPhone 5 (left) sitting beside the new, smaller iteration of the iPhone 6 (left).

While the growing storm of leaks suggests that Apple will be launching the new handset in March, no one can agree on what it's set to be called.

Initially, bloggers had adopted the name 'iPhone 6C', following with the logic set down when a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 was released. However, Marc Gurman of the influential Apple site 9to5Mac claims that the new phone will release with the model name 'iPhone 5se'.



The 'special edition' handset will essentially enhance the abilities of the iPhone 5: the new camera, Apple Pay functions and processor ship from the iPhone 6 will squeeze into the smaller handset, but it won't boast a 3D touch screen.

Would you swap in your handset for the proposed iPhone 5se? Let us know below.