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An ode to Bill

An exhibition dedicated to Bill Murray

An ode to Bill

When we recieved the press release for this exhibition, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't come up with a better opening sentence than this: "One thing that all people can agree on is the badassness that is Bill Murray."

The R&R gallery in Los Angeles dedicated an exhibition entirely to the genius that is Bill Murray. Inviting more than 40 artists to contribute to the gallery, they managed to fill the space with some 50 pieces of original art, inspired by the B-Man and we obtained a selection of images from the exhibition.

Put A Little Love in Your Heart

Paul O'Sullivan - [[]

8 x 10.5

Pen and ink and paint

That's It, I'm Retired

Candace Jean - [[]

16.5 x 10.5


Untitled Photo

Sean P. Costello

15.75 x 11


Untitled - Life

Kube - Mark J Yamamoto - [[]

18 x 24

Acrylic & Spray paint on wood

Streams Have Been Crossed the Universe Undone

Skinner -

8.25 x 11


Untitled Yellow

Spencer Tiscareno

40 x 16

Acrylic on Canvas

Untitled Blue Skateboard

Spencer Tiscareno

32 x 8.25

Acrylic on Skateboard

Untitled Green Skateboard

Spencer Tiscareno

32 x 8.25

Acrylic on Skateboard

Young Mr. Murray

Brett Manning -

5 x 7 (matted 8x10)

Ink & Gouache

The Sailor

Emily Heart Wood

15 x 30

Mixed Media on Wood

Untitled Groundhog Day

David Ra -

6 x 9

Acrylic on Wood