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Amusing 3D art gallery

Amusing 3D art gallery

Amusing 3D art gallery

As far as we're concerned, 3D is dead. It had its moments - Avatar was good fun, wasn't it? - yet entertainment that requires glasses has proved about as popular as food that requires a gum shield.

But then we saw these images of a 3D art gallery at the Qingdao Olympics Museum of China. While not strictly 3D in the glasses-wearing-money-wasting sense of the term, the paintings really gain a context when punters pose with them, inviting reels of hilarity.

(Images: Rex)

Knock knock

While delivering a lovely smile, Jane failed to convey the sense of impending doom the artwork sought to convey.

Fear the elephant

What's more terrifying than finding yourself lying prone in the path of a rampaging elephant? A bucket of water, apparently.

Break glass for mummy

Remember, the embalmed undead are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Like stealing fruit from a painting

Top marks to this little girl for entering into the act so convincingly. Unless she thinks that's actually fruit, in which case her parents need to have her looked at.

Say cheese

The kids couldn't think of a better pose, so opted for the classic "No hands" wave. Strong look.

Slip off

We're not sure if he's trying to catch this shoe with his hands or his mouth... probably his mouth?


By the look of the painting's background, dinosaurs once roamed the lowlands of southern France.