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Here’s some incredibly wild speculation about the new 'American Horror Story' teaser trailer

Fans are saying they predicted this back in 2015

Here’s some incredibly wild speculation about the new 'American Horror Story' teaser trailer
Tom Victor
08 August 2018

If you’re worried the end of the heatwave will finally allow you to get a proper night’s sleep, you’ll be able to fix that with the new American Horror Story trailer.

The horror show is set to embark on its eighth season later this year – we know, it feels like only yesterday we were hearing about the first season, ‘Murder House’, but that was a whole seven years ago.

Upcoming season ‘Apocalypse’ is set in 2019, and will air before the end of this year. A trailer for the show has dropped, and it’s led to a great deal of speculation.

You can watch the clip here, but it’s not for the faint of heart (pun only slightly intended).

Let’s start with what we already know about the eighth season. First off, its US premiere will be on 12 September, though we’re yet to receive confirmation on when we’ll get it in the UK.

Additionally, it will be the first American Horror Story season to be set exclusively in the future – albeit the very near future. ‘Murder House’ (season 1), ‘Coven’ (season 3) and more recent seasons were contemporaneous, but others have been set in the 1950s and 1960s.

We’re also set to see plenty of cast members return as – you guessed it – ‘Apocalypse’ will be a ‘Murder House’/’Coven’ crossover, of sorts.

Sarah Paulson, who appeared in multiple earlier seasons, will be back alongside Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and plenty more.


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Now, onto what we don’t know. Or, more specifically, what people have guessed might happen. And by people, we mean American Horror Story fans on Reddit.

“So many of us are hoping they address the Queenie situation,” writes AHSFan420.

“I always thought that her reason for being there didn’t make sense… Cordelia charming her ticket… so basically cheating and using her powers kinda like Fiona… Just seemed so outta character for her… So I was thinking what if that was just her “alibi” for being there and she was actually sent to check out What’s going on with Michael… depending on what year it was when she went.”

There has also been speculation about the return of Michael Langdon’s Antichrist character from season 1 coming back, and BrudDrakt has a theory about this, writing: “What I can’t get over: Michael Langdon (antichrist) is distantly related to the DeLongpre’s (as claimed by Constance). One of the known Supremes is Mimi DeLongpre. If Ryan Murphy remembered this detail then I hope he played this in, for the crossover plot.”

The biggest revelation among the theories, though, is that someone may have actually predicted the upcoming season all the way back in 2015.

Considering the ‘Apocalypse’ sub-title wasn’t announced until this year, the presence of a thread entitled ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ three years ago means either a) someone has mastered time-travel, b) it was a lucky guess or c) co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have been planting some seeds deep on the internet, waiting for someone to discover them. It would be one hell of a long game, that’s for certain.

“What if each individual story is actually leading up to a final super season?” asked Travis696 back in 2015.

“Perhaps everything is leading up to how Michael, the child born in Murder House is going to usher in the apocalypse. Maybe Vivian having freak relatives from Florida plays a part in her birthing the antichrist? As we’ve seen in Freak Show, and as Ryan Murphy has revealed they are all related somehow.”

The American Horror Story: Apocalypse trailer, featuring a baby in an hourglass, can certainly be interpreted as evidence of this theory having legs. Might we be overthinking things? Sure, but what’s the point in a month-long wait between trailer and series if not for it to provoke wild speculation.

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