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Amazing Vector Art Movie Posters

Amazing Vector Art Movie Posters

Amazing Vector Art Movie Posters
03 March 2015

"Dope Vector" - 1. noun; in computing programming, a dope vector is a data structure used to hold information about a data object. 

2. A compliment, appropriately used in the context of admiring Orlando Arocena's alternative artwork. 

If you've spent more than five minutes browsing the archives of, you'll be readily familiar with our obsession with alternative artwork for films, books, video games and just about anything else you can stick a cover on. Such is the skill of connecticut-based illustrator Arocena that we felt he deserved some space on the site to stretch his ample talents.

Specialising in the angular style of vector artwork, Arocena regularly riffs on the latest big-budget cinema releases, adding vibrant colours and artful twists to characters and settings. 

You can see his full work and pick up prints over on his Behance page - we've picked out some of our favourites below. 

(Images: Orlando Arocena)