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Alien hunters are convinced there's a crash-landed spaceship on a remote Antarctic island

It definitely *is* strange

Alien hunters are convinced there's a crash-landed spaceship on a remote Antarctic island
07 March 2018

We all know aliens are out there right? I daresay a good few of them have already crashed on Earth after circling a little too close, but ‘the suits’ in the government have quickly moved to tidy up and remove all of the evidence. Just look at Roswell. Case closed.

But it’s not so easy for them to cover up our alien visitors if they come down in a truly remote part of the world, is it?

And one group of alien hunters are convinced that they’ve spotted just such a thing on South Georgia Island, a remote, virtually uninhabited land mass which lies in the South Atlantic Ocean, around 1,500km from both Antarctica and the Falkland Islands (it’s officially classified as a sub-Antarctic island).

Zooming in on Google Maps, they’ve identified what they believe to be a crash-landed spaceship, lying close to the 10,000ft tall Mount Paget.

As alien site Secureteam10 explains over the course of a 13 minute-long video on YouTube, they believe that the oblong-shaped object crashed into the mountain, causing damage to it, then slid through the snow for around 1,000m before finally coming to rest.

You can view it for yourself right here.

Looking a little closer:

The alien people point to the ‘sharpness’ of the trail that the object has left, saying: ‘It doesn’t look like your typical trail made by a snowball or just a piece of ice tumbling and rolling across the hillside. This trail here is extremely sharp, it almost looks like it was created by something artificial - something flat, almost as you would think if something had wheels on it… you would think of a bobsled, where it has the metal sled bars on either side.”

They measure the object to be 63m long and 9m wide, and believe it smashed into the mountain, creating a ‘debris field’, which you can see below.

Not everyone was convinced, with the usual range of excellent YouTube responses ranging from “Maybe it’s the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370….” (which disappeared in 2014 so, no, it definitely isn’t), to “Godzilla trying to hide in the snow? Looks like the serrated fins on his back” to the more prosaic “Just a rocky piece from a massive avalanche… nothing to see here, folks, move along” and “It’s a glacier (or the big piece of rock). If you look at the whole area, you will see many breakings towards the lower area. You can see that the whole area is sliding down.”

Given that the potential presence of an alien craft on Earth is - we would assume - a pretty big deal, we decided to consult an actual expert, in the form of Dr Colin Summerhaye, Emeritus Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University.

He told us:

“If you start at top left what you see is an area of ice collapse within quite steep terrain. The collapse has led to formation (at the base of the steep slope at top left) of a slide with lobate finger-like protrusions pointing down towards the lower right - something rather like a mud slide in non-ice terrain. 

“On the surface of the slide are numerous small blocks, shown up by shadows and representing chunks of whatever it was that collapsed. The collapse led from the steep slopes at upper left onto an almost flat to gently sloping white ice surface tilted down towards lower right. 

“One of the blocks on the slide evidently continued beyond the end of one of the finger-like protrusions and out across the gently sloping ice plain, carving a narrow trough as it went. One also sees this sort of thing on the deep sea floor, e.g. west of Tenerife, where the collapse of the western side of the volcano led to a huge slide littered with large blocks of rock developing on the deep sea floor.”

In other words, not an alien craft, but a block of ice caused by an ice collapse.

Now, it’s up to you who you trust: Dr Colin, a man with more letters after his name than in it, or alien conspiracy theorists Secureteam10, but we’re leaning towards the former to be honest with you.

But, as ever, the choice is yours guys. 

(Images: Google Earth/Emoji Island)