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Aldi are selling a giant version of the Yorkshire pudding burrito and it's super cheap

The best new food trend in ages

Aldi are selling a giant version of the Yorkshire pudding burrito and it's super cheap

Two things I like, are Yorkshire puddings and burritos. Out of the two, I’d say a burrito wins, but I’m perfectly happy when presented with a nice Yorkie - loadsa gravy, bit of beef, stick a fork in me: I’m done.

But imagine the two together, as in, not on the same plate, but literally mixed together. A Yorkshire pudding burrito - a load of beef and gravy and stuff, wrapped in a flat Yorkshire and presented as a burrito. Essentially: yes please.

We’ve brought you news of this very important mutant before, but this time, things are different, because this time, you can get one in Aldi, and it is MASSIVE.

Enough for five people, Aldi’s beautiful disaster costs a mere £7.99, and is made of slow-cooked beef brisket in a mushroom sauce, all wrapped up in a lovely Yorkshire pudding and served with a side of red wine and onion gravy.

It also (put your tongue away asap, otherwise you’re about to coat your lap in drool) looks like this:

Five people? Challenge accepted

Yeah right, five people - I’m putting all of that in my own mouth, and if anyone tries to come near me, I’m putting them in my mouth as well. Get off me, you vultures, this is my fucking dinner and I’ll fight to the death to defend it.

I will eat this every day from now until Christmas, and then I will eat it on Christmas day, and then from every day until next Christmas. I will eat this until and also when I am dead. It will potentially be the cause of said death, but not even that’s gonna stop me.

(Image: Aldi/iStock)