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The Yorkshire pudding wrap is here and it's everything you've ever dreamed of

Just check out these juicy pictures

The Yorkshire pudding wrap is here and it's everything you've ever dreamed of

Tucking into a delicious Sunday roast, we’ve all had the same thought: this would be so much better if it was condensed into a wrap that itself is made from a Yorkshire pudding. 

Okay, maybe not. But this Yorkshire pudding wrap does look really bloody good. 

Exhibit A: 

All the good roast dinner stuff - veg, meat, cranberry sauce, gravy - wrapped inside a Yorkshire pudding wrap and heated in a panini maker. The wrap contains roast meat, roasted veg or fresh red cabbage slaw, stuffing, gravy and a sauce of your choice. You can also get a side of (surely obligatory) crackling, some roast potatoes or EVEN MORE YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS. 

And people think it looks good (probably because it looks really good, we’re guessing). “This is like heaven for me,” one hungry diner wrote. “Yet another reason to go to Yorkshire,” said another.

The images - which come from a BBC video - are from The York Roast Co., a restaurant in York (duh) who serve a variety of different roasts (double duh).

But plenty of other restaurants have caught on, too - just check out this hog roast Yorkshire pud burrito-wrap hybrid, which you can grab at a pop-up stall on Rupert Street in Soho, London. 

You could also try making one yourself (though we can’t guarantee that it’ll be as good as any of these, mind you). BBC Good Food have a frankly banging looking recipe here

More things should be smothered in gravy and wrapped inside a Yorkshire pudding if you ask us - sign us right up. 

(Images: York Roast Co.)