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These classic ‘Airline’ clips of furious people missing their flights are truly hilarious

There is no better TV show than this

These classic ‘Airline’ clips of furious people missing their flights are truly hilarious
26 March 2018

We’ll be honest, travelling through airports can be pretty awful. I understand they need all the security protections and everything but my god, it’s such an unbearable hassle.

And one classic show that captured the pain of airline travel better than any other was ITV’s Airline, which ran from 1998 to 2007. This gem of a show followed the daily highs and lows of everyone who worked in and passed through an airport. Like the finest operatic performance, Airline had soaring joy, crushing tragedy and, most importantly, stunningly beautiful hissy fits of passengers losing their shit when they were told they’d missed their flights.

The clips were uploaded to Twitter by @tomwaIker and have sparked euphoric waves of nostalgia and schadenfreude in our office.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this Airline feature presentation: 

1. This woman’s high-pitch scream is a joy

2. The outrageous rudeness here is off the charts!

3. Just… wow…

4. We have nothing but respect for all these airline staff

5. This is utterly superb 

6. Living for the drama

7. Jane is a modern-day hero

8. We’ve got another screamer on our hands 

9. “It is easy… if you get here on time”

10. We’ve saved perhaps the best for last

The purest drama you could ever wish to view: surely it’s time for Airline to come back into our lives? Make it happen ITV, make it happen.

(Image and video: Unsplash / LWT / ITV Studios)