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Airbnb want to pay you to live in Italy for three months

No catch involved

Airbnb want to pay you to live in Italy for three months
28 January 2019

A summer holiday is nice, yeah. But haven’t you ever wanted to get away for a little bit longer? To escape the drudgery of your normal life and go somewhere warm, remote and welcoming? To not have to come back after two measly weeks by the pool?

Well, that’s exact what Airbnb are offering with their new Italian Sabbatical opportunity.

Four people will be sent to live in Grottole, a remote village in beautiful Southern Italy, where they’ll be immersed in the local culture and taught how to speak – and cook – Italian.

They’ll also be working with the local community to “revitalise” the village.

Candidates will become “temporary citizens” of the village, volunteering for a non profit called Wonder Grottole, set up by local resident Andrea.

“My dream is to repopulate the historical centre of the village. In ten years we’d love Grottole to be full of different cultures, and people perfectly integrated with the local community,” he said.

“This is a village with strong traditions, where you can ring anyone’s doorbell and be welcomed in like real family. People like chatting about small things, they like sitting in front of their door. It’s a place to forget the burden of chaotic city life to discover the lightness that can come with rural life.”

You will, of course, be staying in an Airbnb. Hosts include Andrea himself, a beekeeper and hairstylist named Rocco, olive oil producer Giuseppe and Rosa, an avid cook keen to teach you Italian cuisine.

Image: Airbnb

Beekeeper Rocco describes the village as a “sanctuary of tranquility”.

“Grottole is a small village on the top of the hill. It’s our little garden,” he said. ” I don’t want Grottole to change, but in a few years I’d like to see it richer thanks to all the travellers that will visit and, above all, collaborate with us.”

The deadline for applications is 17th February, so get clicking. You’d be staying in Grottole from June to August.

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Image: Unsplash