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adidas released Steve Zissou's shoes from The Life Aquatic and we are pumped

"Please don't make fun of me. I just wanted to flirt with you."

adidas released Steve Zissou's shoes from The Life Aquatic and we are pumped

Regardless of what you think of the film itself, it's undeniable that The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - perhaps more so than pretty much any other Wes Anderson film - has a very clearly defined sense of style. It's blue jumpsuits and it's adidas Zissou trainers.

While we’re still none the wiser if they’ll ever go on general sale to regular mugs like us, Zissou’s adidas ROM trainers are a beautiful shoe nonetheless: one of the great pieces of footwear in the cinematic pantheon. Released very secretively during sustainable music festival We Love Green in Paris, the film’s colourway of the shoes feature yellow serrated soles, navy and baby blue stripes and yellow laces with a white leather upper and a Samba-style suede toe-piece and gold-leaf "Zissou".

Limited to 100 pairs to celebrate actor and legendary Brazilian singer-songwriter Seu Jorge's performance at the fest (the same Jorge whose Portuguese-language, acoustic versions of Bowie classics feature in the soundtrack to The Life Aquatic..., a film he also co-stars in as (the unimaginatively titled) Brazilian seaman Pele Dos Santos), you never know, you might get lucky and come across a pair on eBay or some shit – better have a spare few hundred quid handy, mind…