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adidas Superstar Predator shoes

adidas Superstar Predator shoes

adidas Superstar Predator shoes
03 August 2014

Hinnys. Mules. Ligers. Labradoodles. Cross breeding is a strange business that rarely produces an offspring boasting the best of both parents. Yet where breeders have failed, adidas has succeeded.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Predator boot, adidas has created the Superstar 80s Predator - a blessed union of the toe shell Superstar and the legendary football boot.

Every inch of the trainer manages to combine the design elements of its parents: the rubber toe shell has been finished in the ball-gripping scales of the boot, while the leather upper has been given a snakeskin treatment. Even the three stripes have taken on a shape more befitting adidas' football boot range.

Ideal for keepy up practice and making your way to and from the 5-a-side pitch, you can pick up these up from adidas' online store for £90.

(Images: adidas)