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Aaron Paul responds to those Dark Tower casting rumours

Aaron Paul responds to those Dark Tower casting rumours

Aaron Paul responds to those Dark Tower casting rumours

In the wake of Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey being cast in the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King's classic Dark Tower series, we all got a little carried away, with reports swirling around earlier this month that Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul had been given the role of Eddie Dean.

However, a few weeks on and still nothing concrete has been confirmed.

However, Paul spoke during a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal to confirm that - just in case anyone was in any doubt - that he is definitely keen to be involved.

“These rumors are so funny. I would love to say yes. I’m such a huge fan of those books. I’m a huge fan of Stephen King in general.  When those rumors started floating around - and they’ve come and gone a few times - I always convince myself, ‘Maybe there’s something I don’t know. Maybe I am cast and they’re just working out the fine print.’”

Paul, of course, went straight to the head honcho, tweeting King himself and receiving a positive response:

Discussing this exchange, Paul continued, "Of course, that got me very excited. But who knows?” Paul said. “I’m just excited those movies are being made. I’m excited to hunker down in a movie theater and watch them."

Come on guys - surely it's a no-brainer to cast a confirmed fan and a brilliant actor in the film? Our recent poll suggests he would be a popular choice - at the time of writing, a whopping 97 per cent of you are keen on Paul being involved.

We'll get on the phone to director Nikolaj Arcel and see if we can sort this out.

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