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A vegan fried chicken shop just opened in London

A beautiful contradiction

A vegan fried chicken shop just opened in London
17 January 2017

Veganuary is a soulless time.

The only thing that warms your cold, broken heart is the fact you’re saving a bunch of animals and reducing your carbon footprint. Fleeting happiness is in any carb you can find.

And now in vegan fried chicken, which you can find at Temple of Seitan in Hackney, London, which opened on Saturday and is dedicated to vegan…chicken.

The restaurant, ironically next door to Hackney Meat Centre, deep fries seitan, a meat substitute made from gluten.   

“We use vital wheat gluten mixed with soy and seasonings to replicate the flavours," says the co-founder of the world’s first vegan chicken shop Rebecca McGuinness.

"We found that the seitan chicken we have been making really does taste and have the texture of the real deal." 

Temple of Seiten serves up wings, strips, popcorn bites and burgers (that do look pretty convincing) with sides of fries and mac and non-cheese.

Prices will set you back anywhere from £3 and £8 per item. 

Take what you can month-long warriors, and welcome to heaven those who are vegan 4 lyfe.  

Image via @laurenums