A Polish supermarket is pranking customers by resurrecting frozen fish

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Chris Sayer

It may sound like a straight-to-the-bargain-bin B-movie, but a shipment of frozen fish is coming back to life in a supermarket in Poland.

Using new technology, shopping chain Mila is breathing new life into their stiff little fishes, in the form of one of the most bizarre consumer pranks ever pulled.

The stunt, which aims to prove just how fresh their frozen catch of the day really is, sets to shock passing customers as a series of animatronics causes the frozen boxes of fish to leap off the shelves, giving the impression that tonight’s would-be dinner is still flipping around in its cardboard coffin.  

You can see the understandably shocked reactions of some of the tricked passers-by in the edit below.

Whether you think it's pure comedy GOLD(FISH) or just a load of POLLOCKS, we can all agree it's a fresh way to reel in the shoppers. 



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Chris Sayer

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