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A new Netflix update could save you a packet on your phone bill

Your mobile habit is about to get cheaper

A new Netflix update could save you a packet on your phone bill

Do you stream Netflix shows over your data connection rather than Wi-Fi?

You monster. We bet you light cigarettes with £20 notes as well, right?

Anyway, Netflix is set to give you a useful app update that will help save you money by limiting the amount of data it uses.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, the update (for both iOS and Android) will introduce a button to limit the app's bitrate, working out the best bandwidth at which to stream a show.

So, if you're rampaging through your data allowance, turning this function on the app will reduce the quality of the image to below full HD, in turn using less of your data.

Another neat aspect of the app update will be the inclusion of a Second Screen function.

Some four years in the making, the Second Screen function let users access additional information on a show from their phone while they watch on another screen. The app will synchronise with your viewing session, calling up information on the actors appearing in your chosen programme; think of it like a connected IMDB for Netflix shows. This will roll out initially on Android and Chromecast, with iOS and console updates following later.

There's no exact timescale on when the update will arrive, but Netflix has said the new features will arrive later "this year". 

Until then, best stick to using Wi-Fi connections - like sensible people.

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