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A Kraken has been spotted on Google earth

A Kraken has been spotted on Google earth

A Kraken has been spotted on Google earth
20 June 2016

List of places we can no longer go: the pyramids (because of The Mummy), space (hello, The Martian) and now, the bloody entirety of the whole bloody sea. 

This is because the Kraken (who you may remember from such films as The Pirates of the Caribbean, and the-entirety-of-human-folklore-ever) has been spotted and snapped by Google Earth cameras.

The mysterious image was captured off the coast of Deception Island (WAKE UP, SHEEPLE) and you can view it yourself at these coordinates: 63° 2’56.73″S 60°57’32.38″W.

A video about the image was posted to YouTube, inspiring a new, giant conspiracy theory and, of course, classic YouTube comments such as, "that's my mum." 

The Kraken is a legendary monster that has haunted sailors' dreams since the late 13th century. The beast in this image is estimated to be 120 metres long, making it a serious contender for the iconic octopus. The only non-giant-sea-monster explanation for this image is that it shows a giant squid attacking a whale but, that's not really much better, is it?

Stay away from the sea, people (and the pyramids. And space.)