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A Crowdsourcing Trainer Site Is Coming

A Crowdsourcing Trainer Site Is Coming

A Crowdsourcing Trainer Site Is Coming
03 March 2015

Ever found yourself listlessly wandering the walls of a shoe store thinking, "I could design a better trainer than these... less lacing, more heel support, some of those lights in the sole". You're not alone. Well, maybe on the lights...

Budding Yeezies will soon have the chance to share their outlandish trainer designs with the wider sneakerhead community thanks to an upcoming trainer crowdsourcing site.

The yet-to-be-titled service is the result of a sponsored_longform between American footwear design academy Pensole and crowdsourcing program Rooy Inc: having raised some £2.6 million in funding, the duo are set to launch a new platform to allow designers to submit details of their proposed shoe for competitions, before putting the concept to a wider community vote.

Should the shoe secure enough votes to win the contest, Pensole and Rooy Inc will then work with the designer to build the shoe, before putting it on sale. 

Pensole founder D'Wayne Edwards, former design director for Nike's Air Jordan brand, is confident the site will educate trainer fans as to the complexities of shoe design. 

"Say a designer has a great idea but does not know how the shoe can be made," Edwards tells Fast Company. "We will work with them to redesign their design to make it manufacturable. We will also conduct online classes that are competitions, leading to designs being made which will increase the quality of the products generated from Rooy Inc."

We look forward to seeing (and giving them a kicking) your designs as soon as the site launches. 

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