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A burger with 1,000 strips of bacon

Who cares about the damn patty?

A burger with 1,000 strips of bacon

Where would the internet be without the joy of bacon? In the past year, it's been adopted as the tastier viral alternative to cats and Ryan Gosling and today, it might have reached its pinnacle.

Over in Japan, Burger King have launched a frankly ridiculous deal where you can super-size the bacon on your Whopper. What? Doesn't sound that ridiculous? Well when you look at the small print, you'll see that this translates as 15 extra strips of bacon for just 100 yen (76p/$1.24).

After you've mopped up all that drool which has just left your hungry mouth, take a look at those crazy guys from Japanese site Rocketnews24 who asked for a total of 1,050 strips of bacon on their burger. That's adding over 58,000 calories to a Whopper.

So, are you veering towards total disgust or delirious hunger?

(Images: YouTube)