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A beer a day could help reduce heart disease, says science

Cracking open a can tonight could save your life

A beer a day could help reduce heart disease, says science

We all know that having a beer makes us far more interesting and our jokes a lot funnier, but now a study of 80,000 adults has found a natural decline in good cholesterol was slowed down by moderate usage of alcohol, with test results revealing that one or two units for a man and up to one for a woman per day proved more positive than drinking heavily and not drinking anything at all.

This isn’t the only alcohol related stats to come in this week, as it’s also been revealed that 74% of the British public think that it’s unacceptable to have an alcoholic beverage at lunchtime.

But what if it could save your life?

Are you boring goody two-shoes really going to tut at me for having a pint of Budweiser at 1PM on a Monday? Do you want me die young? Huh, HUH?!

The Government also introduced new unit guidelines, ditching the old 24 units a week rule for a heavily cut down 14 units a week (for both male and female). Meaning that six pints a week is supposed to be your limit. But with this startling new discovery, could it be brought back up? There’s seven days in a week, and we’ve got to look after our hearts! Theresa, sort it out.

However, the test did not conclude any substantial date for wine drinkers, so don’t pour yourself a large chardonnay just yet.

Also, the test was only conducted on Chinese participants, so it could mean a different outcome for non-Chinese people, meaning more research is needed (we volunteer, if there’s any boozy scientists reading this). But don’t look down on us for cracking open a can as soon as we get home tonight...