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A £160 Pharrell Williams action figure is coming (sadly)

We're fairly sure this toy will develop wrinkles before the real one does.

A £160 Pharrell Williams action figure is coming (sadly)

One for the NERDs this.

The action figure nobody asked for but people will doubtlessly splash out on is coming: a pint-sized Pharrell Williams, priced at the whopping sum of £160 and set for release next year.

Hands in the pockets. Hand out of the pockets. Hands back in the pockets - the range of action is endless. Who wouldn't want to bring this to a party?

Teased by the musician on Instagram, the outfit is that which he wore to the 2014 Grammys, complete with red tracksuit and that tall Vivienne Westwood hat.


Coming soon... @medicom_toy

A photo posted by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on

Available from January 2017, if the price tag is slightly too rich for your blood then you might want to downsize to WWF’s Mountie action figure from yesteryear. He didn’t duet with Daft Punk, that we know of, but when it comes to red apparel and a big hat, let's face it - nobody wore it better.

We're fairly sure this toy will develop wrinkles before the real one does.