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50 Cent Selling $100 Underwear

50 Cent Selling $100 Underwear

50 Cent Selling $100 Underwear
17 December 2014

He may be called 50 Cent but the entrepreneurial rapper has his eyes fixed firmly on the higher end of things.

And the latest product to receive his endorsement is the FRIGO Revolution Wear line, which sells luxury briefs for $100 (£64). He suggested on his Facebook page that the deal for his involvement was worth a staggering £78m (£50m).

50 went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote the item and put in a surprisingly accomplished attempt to justify the hefty price tag. They've been described as "insanely comfortable" and they're hand-stitched with luxury materials, featuring bonded construction, laser cut cooling vents and ergonomically placed mesh panels, which at least makes it sound like they might be worth the outlay.

Check out the promotional video and 50 Cent's talkshow appearance below, and head to the FRIGO website to find out more.

(Image: Rex)