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5 sunglasses trends you need to know this summer

Shield your eyes from laser beams in style with something on-trend and that fits your face shape

5 sunglasses trends you need to know this summer
25 June 2018

Hurts your eyes, doesn’t it? Hurts them when you look at the sun. When you step out of your front door, and look up, directly at the sun. Hurts. But if you’ve got a nice pair of sunnies on, it doesn’t hurt as much, and you look cool doing it. “Look at that big boy looking directly at the sun - he hasn’t even fainted!” stunned onlookers will proclaim. You are King Sun-Look, and nobody can stop your ruthless regime.

Of course, don’t look at the sun, you idiot, but do wear sunglasses when it’s out, because that big old flaming ball of yellow fear can play havoc with the old peepers - you’ve gotta block those harmful UV rays, son. Also, sunglasses look good. Everyone looks better in sunglasses.

Provided you get the right ones. So to help, we’ve listed the five big shades trends to adopt this summer if you want to really protect those eyes like the sexy, safety-conscious hot slice that you are:


ALAIN MIKLI Toujour Aviators, £285

Right, it’s clear to everyone here that the aviator style has been around for ages - the first pair was designed in 1936, and a few years later they lead to the creation of Ray-Ban, and were first called aviators, due to their them being designed specifically for pilots. History lesson over - they look good, still, and will probably look good forever. The style has never really changed, although different brands do their own spin on things, so you’ve got a wide range of variations on a theme.

Aviators will go with almost any face shape, but go well if you’ve got a head on the oval side of things. Also, if you’ve ever got a Top Gun fancy dress night around the corner, you’ve got an important part of that already. And finally *pushes glasses back up nose* they’re one of the safest styles out there, as they’re designed to prevent as much light as possible from getting to your eyes from any angle.

Recommended pair: MONCLER Aviator-style palladium-plated sunglasses, £235


TOPMAN black and red chunky shiny sunglasses, £16

Square sunglasses? What is this? The future? What do you think I am? A robot? Where do you think I live? Square Sunglasses Street? Well, yes to all of them, but also no, because anyone can wear a pair of squaresies - you’d be surprised as to how well they’ll fit on your face. Think about it - the classic wayfarer is essentially square, so you’re not really pushing the boat too far out if you plump for a pair in this shape.

When choosing a pair, it’s best to go for a smaller lens, because any large square frame gives off distinct Kim Kardashian vibes (unless of course that’s the look you’re going for). Switch things up with a coloured lens too - yellow, blue, pink, red - this style suits a bit of flair. Unless they’re wayfarers of course - never go coloured or reflective lenses on a pair of them, sheesh.

Recommended pair: OFF-WHITE square-frame acetate sunglasses, £240


TOM FORD Carlo aviator acetate sunglasses, £240

Again, this style has been around for a long time, but it’s back again in force this year. When you think about it - go on, dare you - it’s actually quite a lairy pattern, but it has been such a sunglasses staple for many years, that it’s accepted as normal. Thing is, it compliments a lot of other patterns you might be wearing (you really don’t have to worry about it clashing), and can easily elevate a standard frame into something a bit more exciting. Certain styles look top in this pattern - a pair of clubmasters deserve nothing less than a dash of tortoiseshell, but they’ll suit almost any frame. Lairy but not lairy. Just like you.

Recommended pair: “DIOR0219S” sunglasses, havana and blue, £399


RIVER ISLAND brown tortoiseshell yellow lens sunglasses, £16

There’s something about a yellow lense that just oozes cool - dunno what it is, but slap that colour in between your frames and it’ll upgrade your face immediately. Like, yes, you’ll be wearing sunglasses that will show off your eyes (and people will be able to see where you’re looking, perv) but it’s a good look that you should definitely try out. There isn’t much more to say really - it’s just cool, OK mate? Just bloody cool and you’re gonna have to deal with it.

Recommended pair: RAY-BAN round sunglasses with yellow lens, £154


TOPMAN Gold Diamond Sunglasses, £16

Sci-fi sunnies were all over the catwalks for SS18 - everyone from Dior to Fendi chucked out styles so beautifully weird and wonky they’d have Neo clawing his way out of the rabbit hole just to get his hands on a pair. Great news for you is that you can get your fill of the trend without the runway price-tag, because Topman and ASOS all have quality quasi-futuristic ones.

Note: These will not enable you to travel through time

Recommended pair: ASOS DESIGN angled cat eye in black, £10