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5 Great British Bake Off guys with serious style skills

Outfits so hot they could save a soggy bottom

5 Great British Bake Off guys with serious style skills

With the announcement today of the next contestants to feature on the Great British Bake Off (and the whiny backlash following the gender stereotyping icing, sigh), we decided to look at the men behind the aprons and pull together the show's most stylish bakers to get you psyched for another season of sexual innuendos and mocking people's culinary skills - even though you can barely pour a bowl of cereal without starting a small house fire.

Iain Watters

If #BinGate didn't end his baking career when his Baked Alaska was sabotaged, his beard hairs mixed into cake batter would surely bring his health & safety score down. Which is fine, because his choice of retro mustard knitwear is all he needs to get through life.

Ali Imdad

Wearing an American star jumper on a British show? We need more stylish bad boys like Ali on the show, like someone who'll guesstimate the amount of vanilla extract needed rather than follow strict instructions laid out by Mary. Yeah, take that society.

Paul Hollywood

The name of a porn star, the baking skills of a god. Everyone is excited for the return of GBBO's infamous host with his open collar shirts and unreadable deathly glances. Pray that he likes your cake, Hollywood does not forgive easily.

Stuart Henshall

He may have been the first to leave last year's show, but his legacy of hipster accessories such as felt trilbies and western collar tips lives on. Until the 2016 season starts anyway.

James Morton

He may look like a Norman Bates mama's boy in his knitted tank, but turn your back for a minute and he'll steal your girl with his class A baking skills. Chicks dig Fair Isle jumpers and cake.